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WELL EMR Group is the third largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) provider in Canada serving over 2,200 clinics with 10,700 physicians.  WELL EMR Group is the provider of OSCAR Pro, an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform based on McMaster University’s popular open source OSCAR EMR system.  WELL EMR Group was created through the acquisition and consolidation of several previously operating OSCAR service providers including:  NerdEMR, OSCARprn, KAI Innovations, OSCARwest, Trinity Health Technologies, MedBASE Software and Indivica.

The WELL EMR Group is led by Arjun Kumar, Chief Information Officer and Sara Bond, VP of Product Development, who joined WELL through the acquisition of KAI Innovations, and have now become an integral part of WELL’s senior management group.

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OSCAR Pro includes all the same great features of OSCAR, but with some added benefits. Namely, unparalleled support services, exceptional security and safety, a modernized interface, plus your choice of additional features designed to enhance your OSCAR experience even further.

OSCAR Pro takes care of you while you take care of your patients. It streamlines your clinic workflow, plugging you into a larger digital health system and giving you easy access to proven clinical tools. All with support you can count on when you need it most.

OSCAR Pro Desk is the name of our expert support team. Their mission is to keep you up and running full-time.  With EMR support like Pro Desk, you can focus on running your clinic and leave the EMR management to us.

Your EMR serves as the backbone of your clinic. We understand how important it is to securely maintain your patient and physician data. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in making sure that our security follows ISO standards, and that your data is regularly backed up on secure servers. We are proud to provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your EMR’s uptime is optimized. OSCAR Pro is Ontario MD Certified and interoperable with HRM and OLIS.

To purchase or learn more about OSCAR Pro visit www.oscarpro.ca

What is EMR and OSCAR?

One of the most important ways a primary care clinic can streamline its operation is through the implementation of an electronic medical records (EMR) system.  Think of an EMR as the “operating system” of a medical clinic.  EMRs helps physicians record their examination notes electronically, send referrals, generate prescriptions, and even receive instantaneous test results for their patients.  It also improves patient scheduling and facilitates better communication between physicians and staff and maintains a reliable record for physicians and patients.

In Canada, OSCAR is among the most popular EMR solutions. OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application and Resource) is a web based EMR that was developed at McMaster University and supports the care of over 3.5 million Canadians. OSCAR’s open source nature means that it can customized and modified to reflect the needs of individual clinics and physicians, while allowing them to enjoy community enhanced, cost effective support. Open source also means that OSCAR users, developers, and providers can all contribute to improving the product.

You can learn more about OSCAR by visiting oscar-emr.com


EMR Acquisitions 

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On January 1, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its acquisition of NerdEMR, the largest OSCAR hosting provider in British Columbia, for $2.5 million. At the time of the acquisition, NerdEMR provided OSCAR EMR software and services to approximately 220 clinics, most of which were in the province of British Columbia.

As our first EMR acquisition, NerdEMR established the base for entry into the EMR market. NerdEMR was a crucial component for WELL’s digital health business as it provided close collaboration between our digital and clinic business units, allowing us to improve the patient journey and support our physician partners.  Providing support and hosting to hundreds of clinics in British Columbia, NerdEMR was previously one of the most trusted OSCAR service providers in the province.

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On June 12th, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. finalized its acquisition of OSCARprn for $876,000. As one of only three Chartered OSCAR EMR providers in British Columbia, OSCARprn provides reliable and streamlined EMR support to 71 clinics across the province and serves over 800 registered physicians and supports over 800,000 unique patient visits.

This acquisition expanded WELL’s digital portfolio and increased its position as an EMR provider in the province of British Columbia.  OSCARprn’s unique value was in identifying the key areas where technology can best benefit the clinics that it serves.

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KAI Innovations

On July 1, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its acquisition of KAI Innovations for $10.75 million. At the time of acquisition, KAI was the largest OSCAR Service Provider (OSP) in Canada, providing EMR services to over 560 clinics that support over 2,100 medical professionals, primarily located in Ontario. KAI was the fastest growing OSP in Canada and was the recipient of Canada Business Magazine’s Startup of the Year in 2015.

The acquisition of KAI Innovations was a game-changer for WELL as it positioned us as the third largest EMR services provider in Canada, and the largest OSCAR service provider in the country. Despite its impressive scale, KAI was known for providing personal, live, one-on-one service to its clients including data migration, training and support, and even customized development to meet individual clinics’ needs.  KAI’s impressive IP portfolio of patient engagement tools, that are integrated into OSCAR’s open source platform, complemented WELL’s mission of improving health outcomes and empowering both doctors and patients with technology.

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On December 2, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. finalized its acquisition of OSCARwest for $1.35 million.  OSCARwest provides EMR software, support and other services to 90 clinics serving approximately 1,100 registered physicians and practitioners.
Based out of Vancouver, BC, OSCARwest was the first OSCAR service provider in BC and has always held a strong tradition characterized by great service and support and tireless contributions to the OSCAR community.  The acquisition of OSCARwest was the last of the three chartered OSCAR service providers in British Columbia and solidified our position as the third largest EMR service provider in Canada and one of the premiere service providers in BC.

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Trinity Health Technologies

On February 1, 2020, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its acquisition of Trinity Healthcare Technologies (THT) for $7.5 million.  At the time of acquisition, THT provided EMR support and services to approximately 500 clinics and over 2,280 physicians and practitioners in Ontario. As WELL’s fifth EMR service provider and second EMR acquisition in Ontario, THT expanded WELL’s EMR footprint to over 1,000 physicians in Ontario and 1,446 across the country.

THT was a well-recognized innovator and EMR service provider with a strong base of clients in the fields of primary care, ophthalmology, and fertility.  The company’s portfolio of innovative and integrated digital solutions complemented WELL’s mission and expanded WELL’s EMR offerings.  THT’s unique perspective and commitment to seamless integration and communication are both assets to the WELL EMR Group and continue to further WELL’s mission of improving healthcare outcomes.

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On May 4, 2020, WELL Health Technologies Corp. acquired MedBASE Software Inc.'s OSCAR EMR assets for $650,000.  At the time of the acquisition, MedBASE provided OSCAR EMR services to 61 medical clinics in Ontario and the transaction expanded WELL’s EMR footprint to over 1,500 clinics across Canada.

MedBASE was WELL’s sixth acquisition of an EMR service provider, and third EMR service provider acquisition in Ontario.  For the past 25 years MedBASE, has been helping Ontario physicians with their EMR needs and billing submissions to the Ontario Ministry of Health.  MedBASE had a long history of providing exceptional care to their EMR clients.

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On June 1, 2020, WELL Health Technologies Corp. finalized its acquisition of Indivica’s EMR assets for $6.2 million.  Indivica was WELL’s seventh EMR service provider acquisition and fourth EMR acquisition in Ontario, the transaction expanded WELL’s EMR footprint to over 1,900 healthcare clinics serving over 10,000 physicians across Canada.

Indivica, founded in 2008 and based out of Toronto, Ontario, was the provider of fully hosted EMR software and services to 390 clinics serving over 2,000 physicians and medical practitioners in Ontario.  Indivica had established a long history of providing exceptional care to their EMR clients by offering advanced EMR network features such as Appointment Notifications, Patient Communications, Inter-Clinic Data Sharing, and a Hot Standby backup EMR, all seamlessly integrated into a physicians’ standard practice workflow, for free.

Learn more at indivica.ca


OpenHealth and ClearMedica

On January 8, 2021, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its acquisition of Open Health Software Solutions Inc., an OSCAR service provider to medical clinics primarily located in Ontario. In addition WELL also successful completed the migration of ClearMedica’s doctors and clinics onto the WELL OSCAR Pro platform. ClearMedica was previously a certified OSCAR EMR provider based in Mississauga, Ontario.

With the addition of OpenHealth Software Solutions and ClearMedica, WELL now serves approximately 2,200 clinics and over 10,700 physicians.

Intrahealth logo


On April 5, 2021, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its acquisition of Intrahealth, an enterprise class EMR provider supporting approximately 15,000 clinicians providing care for millions of patients from small clinics to large health delivery organisations in its global network across Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Intrahealth is a transformational acquisition for WELL EMR Group as it transitions the business unit form solely providing OSCAR EMR services to being a provider of multiple EMR product offerings around the world.

Learn more at intrahealth.com