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Suspicious Recruiting & Hiring Alert

Recently, WELL Health has received reports of unauthorized individuals posing as recruiters and WELL employees hiring for job positions at the company. Please be cautious. It is possible that if you have been engaged for a WELL position, particularly one which you had not independently applied for, that the proposal is fraudulent and may be used for nefarious purposes. While initial contact may at times legitimately come from sites such as LinkedIn, note that 100% of legitimate follow up correspondence from WELL employees occurs through a WELL email address (i.e. and not a Gmail, Hotmail, or other 3rd party mail system address. WELL NEVER conducts interviews using Google Hangouts, and under no circumstances will WELL ever offer applicants or candidates gift cards, cash payments, or other “incentives” during its hiring process. Any non-WELL communications should be disregarded and reported to WELL. Click here for WELL’s contact information.

In the event you have confirmed or suspect that a job proposal is fraudulent, and especially if you have shared your personal information, please report your experience to your local law enforcement. Please note that law enforcement may require WELL’s contact information for their report. If it is requested, please refer them to the following page.

For more information please contact us at here. Thank you!

Interested in working at WELL?

WELL is committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace. We welcome and celebrate the diversity of applicants and team members across ability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and perspective. We strive to create an inclusive workplace where differences are celebrated and fuels our success!

WELL is a rapidly growing company and continually adding new talent in all areas of our business like Corporate teams, Clinic teams including healthcare providers and Technology teams.


Social Responsibility:

WELL functions on a “quadruple bottom line” principle. We believe that financial statistics are not the only measure of performance. In fact, we track our key performance metrics in four main areas:

  • Financial
  • People
  • Environment
  • Community

These four areas demonstrate our commitment to both economic success and to creating a safe and supportive company that is aware of its impact on the planet and its responsibility to its community.


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