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WELL Digital Health Apps

WELL Digital Health Apps is a single entity encompassing all of WELL’s digital health assets, including the Company’s app marketplace, apps.health, and other digital health technology related investments. This business unit is focused on developing, investing in and unlocking opportunities associated with digital health applications.

The WELL Digital Health Apps business unit is lead by Shervin Bakhtiari, General Manager of WELL Digital Health Apps.

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apps.health is an app marketplace connecting third party products and services to users of OSCAR Pro. apps.health is expected to serve as an innovation hub for digital health, with a mission to connect healthcare professionals with new innovation and applications which integrate securely and seamlessly with WELL’s growing EMR Network. apps.health is also a platform for digital health technology companies and third-party application developers to work with WELL Health to promote and accelerate digital health innovation.

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On November 12, 2020, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its 100% acquisition of Insig Corporation for approximately $22.1M, by acquiring the remaining shares of INSIG that WELL didn’t already own. Previously, on April 8, 2020, WELL made a $5.94M investment in Insig Corporation, making its ownership share at that time equal to 40%.

Insig is a Toronto based company who is a leader in virtual care and digital patient engagement eervices in Canada.  Insig is engaged in developing telemedicine platforms, and clinical automation software.  Insig has grown to serve 2,800 physicians and medical practitioners across the country, with over 200,000 virtual care appointments.  Insig’s goal is to remove the administrative burden in medical practice so doctors can focus on what they do best, practice medicine.  Insig also operates and provides services under the Tia Health brand, which is a leading virtual health platform in Canada.  With this acquisition, the combination of Tia Health and VirtualClinic+ positions WELL as a leading provider of telehealth services in Canada. 

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On May 27, 2020, WELL Health Technologies Corp. made a $250,000 investment in Phelix.ai. WELL Health has also entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Phelix.ai which grants WELL broad rights to use and sublicense Phelix.ai’s clinical assistant automation software in all aspects of its business including its OSCAR EMR network.

Phelix.ai is a technology service provider whose software allows health care clinics to automate key workflows and administration tasks so that non-medical staff can focus on higher value tasks. Phelix.ai provides automation tools to augment cognitive and repetitive workflow tasks, integrating alongside or within the EMR. Phelix.ai is also able to schedule, connect, and auto-bill for secure phone visits, alongside in-person or video-based virtual care. No integration is required, and the entire service can be handled through a single phone line for each physician.
WELL and Phelix.ai have already created an integration between Phelix.ai and OSCAR Professional, and launched it in WELLs brand new state of the art “DERMLab” dermatology clinic in North Vancouver, BC.

Learn more at phelix.ai

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On December 3, 2020, WELL Health Technologies Corp. acquired a minority investment in Pillway for $5M. WELL has also entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Pillway to market and promote Pillway’s e-prescription products and services throughout WELL’s EMR network. A key and central component of the partnership is to fully integrate Pillway into WELL’s OSCAR Pro EMR and to feature the Pillway app on WELL’s apps.health marketplace.

Pillway is a full-service digital pharmacy with an innovative digital platform. The alliance between WELL and Pillway facilitates virtual telehealth appointments with health practitioners which allows users to renew and receive new prescriptions through the Pillway App and website. Pillway's use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) personalizes the interaction between consumers and pharmacists to enhance today's pharmacy experience. Pillway’s mobile consumer app, which is available on both Apple and Android, allows patients to easily keep track of their medication consumption, upcoming medication schedule, communicate virtually with a Pillway pharmacist and receive automated alerts, reminders, and more.

Learn more at pillway.com

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On January 4, 2021, WELL health Technologies Corp. acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of Adracare for $4.75M in all cash. Based on its current revenue run-rate and recently signed contracts Adracare is expected to generate annualized revenue of close to CAD $2 million and to be profitable on an EBITDA basis. Adracare is a complementary offering to WELL’s existing EMR and telehealth software revenue streams and broadens our technology solutions into markets that we currently do not serve such as mental health and cannabis therapy.

Adracare is engaged in the business of providing secure clinic management, telehealth and practice management software related services to clients in five countries consisting of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Adracare’s software supports various practices including mental health, physiotherapy, nutrition, medicinal cannabis, audiology and speech pathology, and occupational health. Through its software, medical professionals are able to connect with patients anytime through Adracare’s all-in-one, virtual HIPPA-compliant platform. Furthermore, Adracare's platform allows providers and patients to interact with the company's services via apps provided through Apple iOS and the Google Play App Stores. The Adracare platform booked more than 93,000 appointments in the last quarter supporting more than 179,000 patients.

Learn more at adracare.com