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VirtualClinic+ is a telehealth platform that connects patients to physicians through video, phone and secure messaging. WELL’s telehealth solution offers Canadians an alternative to lengthy waiting room visits and provides better access to care for patients who are limited in their travel and mobility. On the VirtualClinic+ platform, patients can now schedule an appointment online at virtual.wellclinics.ca and connect directly with a physician via phone, tablet, or computer without the need to download or configure an app.

VirtualClinic+ is a tool that helps healthcare practitioners both inside and out of the WELL network address these challenges, and is designed to support continuity of care, improve accessibility to quality care, and ultimately drive better health outcomes.

VirtualClinic+ is fully integrated with the OSCAR EMR system to ensure a seamless experience for physicians offering telehealth. VirtualClinic+ was developed in partnership with WELL’s product development, clinic transformation, EMR Group and our external technology service providers. VirtualClinic+ has been developed to provide the best experience both for the patients and practitioners who use it.

Learn more at virtualclinics.ca

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VC+Connect is WELL’s Virtual Health Marketplace at virtualclinics.ca. It empowers the estimated 4.8 million Canadians who do not have their own family doctor with the ability to connect with 100s of Canadian physicians in a “virtual walk-in clinic” environment. VC+Connect also uniquely supports long-term care with family practice visits.