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Trinity Healthcare Technologies

Trinity Healthcare Technology

WELL Health Technologies Corp. acquired Trinity Healthcare Technologies (THT) on February 3, 2020. As WELL’s fifth EMR service provider, and 2nd EMR acquisition in Ontario, THT expanded WELL’s EMR footprint to over 1,000 clinics in Ontario and 1,900 across the country. THT’s portfolio of innovative and integrated digital solutions complements WELL’s mission and expands WELL’s EMR offerings. When combined with WELL’s acquisitions of NerdEMR, OSCARprn, KAI Innovations, OSCARwest, MedBase Software Inc., and Indivica Inc., the WELL EMR Group supports over 10,000 practitioners nationwide, representing over 10% of all physicians and practitioners working in outpatient clinics.

About Trinity Healthcare Technologies

Since 2007, Trinity has been on a mission to make improvements to healthcare experiences. Their goal has been to provide technology and services designed to reduce costs & errors, improve overall quality of care, and bridge the gap between providers and patients, hospitals and private practices, as well as healthcare facilities and payers.

THT is a well-recognized innovator and EMR service provider with a strong base of clients in the fields of primary care, ophthalmology, and fertility. At the time of acquisition, THT provided EMR support and services to approximately 500 clinics and over 2,280 physicians and practitioners in Ontario. The company’s unique perspective and commitment to seamless integration and communication are both assets to the WELL EMR Group and will continue to further WELL’s mission of improving healthcare outcomes.


Learn more about OSCAR at oscar-emr.com

An EMR is like the “operating system” of a medical clinic. It can help streamline medical practice and helps clinics manage patient data and medical records more efficiently. OSCAR EMR (Open Source Clinical Application and Resource) is an open source electronic medical record (EMR) software solution created by McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine. With features like patient records, scheduling, and electronic forms (eForms), OSCAR EMR was designed and is supported by a passionate community of medical professionals, academic institutions, and developers who work to continuously enhance and improve the software.

The WELL EMR Group works closely with McMaster University to uphold the values and standards of OSCAR and continue the tradition of community-based support for its EMR.