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WELL exists to enable healthcare practitioners with best-in-class technology and services. The Company has built a comprehensive practitioner enablement platform which includes  digital Electronic Medical Records (EMR), practice management software, practitioner enablement tools, telehealth platforms, digital health apps that extend the features of EMRs, billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions, patient engagement technologies, clinic optimization tools, data protection solutions, and more.

This platform empowers healthcare providers with digital healthcare products, tools and services designed to enhance the delivery of care,  improve their patients’ healthcare experiences and health outcomes.  WELL unlocks the value of its platform by powering its omni-channel patient services offering with its own practitioners, as well as providing the platform as a virtual Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology and services offering to healthcare practitioners around the globe.

WELL provides software, tools and solutions for medical clinics and healthcare practitioners. The digital suite of tools and solutions include Electronic Medical Records (EMR), telehealth platforms, practice management, billing and back-office, digital health apps and cybersecurity solutions. 


WELL EMR Group is the third largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) provider in Canada serving over 2,200 clinics with 10,700 physicians. WELL EMR Group is the provider of OSCAR Pro, an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform based on McMaster University’s popular open source OSCAR EMR system. WELL EMR Group was created through the acquisition and consolidation of several previously operating OSCAR service providers including: NerdEMR, OSCARprn, KAI Innovations, OSCARwest, Trinity Health Technologies, MedBASE Software and Indivica.

The WELL EMR Group is led by Arjun Kumar, Chief Information Officer and Sara Bond, VP of Product Development, who joined WELL through the acquisition of KAI Innovations, and have now become an integral part of WELL’s senior management group.


WELL Health is one of the leading providers of telehealth services across Canada. WELL’s telehealth platform connects patients to physicians through video, phone and secure messaging. WELL offers Canadians an alternative to lengthy waiting room visits and provides better access to care for patients who are limited in their travel and mobility. Patients can now schedule an appointment online and connect directly with a physician via phone, tablet, or computer without the need to download or configure an app. WELL Health offers two telehealth or virtual care platforms, Tia Health and VirtualClinic+, which together support over 2,800 physicians and over 200,000 virtual care visits in the past three months.

Digital Health Apps

WELL Digital Health Apps is a single entity encompassing all of WELL’s digital health assets, including the Company’s app marketplace, apps.health, and other digital health technology related investments. This business unit is focused on developing, investing in and unlocking opportunities associated with digital health applications.

The WELL Digital Health Apps business unit is lead by Shervin Bakhtiari, General Manager of WELL Digital Health Apps.

Biling and Backoffice

WELL's Billing and Backoffice Services Group acts as a consolidation point for billing related acquisitions, assets and other similar growth initiatives. This new business unit is focused on the North American medical billing and back-office marketplace.