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On December 2, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. completed its fourth EMR acquisition. The acquisition of OSCARwest was the last of the three chartered OSCAR service providers in British Columbia. Combined with the acquisitions of NerdEMR, OSCARprn, KAI Innovations, Trinity Healthcare Technologies, MedBase Software Inc., and Indivica Inc., WELL provides OSCAR EMR services to 1,900 clinics across Canada, serving over 10,000 practitioners in both British Columbia and Ontario.

About OSCARwest

OSCARwest’s founder, Patti Rodger Kirkpatrick, was an early EMR adopter and instrumental in bringing OSCAR to Western Canada. OSCARwest was founded in 2005 and was British Columbia’s first OSCAR service provider.

Patti and OSCARwest also played a key role in the development of the OSCAR Community. The first “user groups” were convened in British Columbia, and OSCARwest was involved in many of the community’s early activities including opening email list-serves and creating the OSCAR Canada Users Society.

In 2016, OSCARwest helped to create the OSCAR BC User’s Society, and Patti sat on its board. The society encouraged local collaboration and development and ensured that all OSCAR users across the province were presented with a standardized, stable, OSCAR, that reflected the Society’s code of ethical conduct.

OSCARwest brings the same level of passion, dedication, and expertise to its current operations, and its team members bring a wealth of experience and OSCAR-wisdom to the WELL EMR Group. At the time of WELL’s acquisition of the company, OSCARwest provided support to over 90 medical clinics and over 1,100 registered practitioners.


Learn more about OSCAR at oscar-emr.com

An EMR is like the “operating system” of a medical clinic. It can help streamline medical practice and helps clinics manage patient data and medical records more efficiently. OSCAR EMR (Open Source Clinical Application and Resource) is an open source electronic medical record (EMR) software solution created by McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine. With features like patient records, scheduling, and electronic forms (eForms), OSCAR EMR was designed and is supported by a passionate community of medical professionals, academic institutions, and developers who work to continuously enhance and improve the software.

The WELL EMR Group works closely with McMaster University to uphold the values and standards of OSCAR and continue the tradition of community-based support for its EMR.