WELL Health Technologies Corp. finalized its acquisition of OSCARprn on June 12th, 2019 for $876,000, expanding WELL’s digital portfolio and increasing its position as an EMR provider in the province of British Columbia. The addition of OSCARprn to WELL’s existing EMR business complements its overarching mission to leverage technology in order to improve health outcomes in the primary healthcare space by expanding WELL’s EMR reach to over 292 clinics.

What is EMR and OSCAR?

You can learn more about OSCAR by visiting oscar-emr.com

An EMR, which stands for Electronic Medical Record system, is the “operating system” of a medical clinic, helping physicians digitally record notes, generate prescriptions and referrals, and even receive test results. OSCAR is a web-based, open source EMR developed at McMaster University and supports the care of over 3.5 million Canadians. WELL’s acquisitions allow the company to leverage an important digital tool for patient care supported by an enthusiastic open source OSCAR community, to improve the doctor and patient experience.

About OSCARprn

Learn more about OSCARprn at their website www.oscarprn.com

As one of only three Chartered OSCAR EMR providers in British Columbia, OSCARprn provides reliable and streamlined EMR support to 71 clinics across the province and serves over 800 registered physicians and supports over 800,000 unique patient visits. The company’s unique value has been identifying the key areas where technology can best benefit the clinics that it serves.

Together with NerdEMR and KAI Innovations, WELL’s EMR footprint includes 852 clinics with over 15 million registered patients.