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On January 2, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. finalized its acquisition of NerdEMR, the largest OSCAR hosting provider in British Columbia, for $2.5 million. NerdEMR stands for “Northwest Electronics Records and Design” and is a crucial component for WELL’s digital health business. Close collaboration between our digital and clinic business units allows us to improve the patient journey and support our physician partners. NerdEMR also demonstrates the power of technology to improve primary healthcare, and it extends our digital network beyond the primary care clinics that we own.

What is EMR and OSCAR?

You can learn more about OSCAR by visiting oscar-emr.com

One of the most important ways a primary care clinic can streamline its operation is through the implementation of an electronic medical records (EMR) system. Think of an EMR as the “operating system” of a medical clinic.  EMRs helps physicians record their examination notes electronically, send referrals, generate prescriptions, and even receive instantaneous test results for their patients. It also improves patient scheduling and facilitates better communication between physicians and staff and maintains a reliable record for physicians and patients.

In Canada, OSCAR is among the most popular EMR solutions. OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application and Resource) is a web-based EMR that was developed at McMaster University and supports the care of over 3.5 million Canadians. OSCAR’s open source nature means that it can customized and modified to reflect the needs of individual clinics and physicians, while allowing them to enjoy community enhanced, cost effective support. Open source also means that OSCAR users, developers, and providers can all contribute to improving the product.

About NerdEMR

Providing support and hosting to hundreds of clinics in British Columbia, NerdEMR has become one of the most trusted OSCAR service providers in the province. Nerd’s commitment to excellent service is embodied by the fact that we are a “Charter OSCAR Service Provider,” a guarantee of quality that is recognized by OSCAR-EMR, McMaster University, and OSCARBC. NerdEMR ensures that individual needs are met for each clinic, and it takes a community oriented, collaborative approach to the way it does business with its clients.

NerdEMR first started on a small scale, by a single request to install OSCAR for one clinic. The combination of two experienced, dedicated, tech savvy individuals, Mike Thompson and Pat Morphy, and a strong need for reliable support led to the growth of the business at a rapid rate. The secret to NerdEMR’s success was quick and professional service. NerdEMR grew through customer referrals, proof of the company’s obsession with providing the best and fastest support. While NerdEMR is now part of WELL, it still retains this key secret of success as it continues to grow with the company.

Together with the acquisitions of OSCARprn, KAI Innovations, OSCARwest, Trinity Healthcare Technologies, MedBase Software Inc, and Indivica Inc., WELL's EMR services now provide OSCAR EMR support to 1,900 clinics with over 10,000 registered practitioners in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.