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KAI Innovations

KAI Innovations

On July 1, 2019, WELL Health Technologies Corp. again expanded its EMR footprint, when it finalized the acquisition of KAI Innovations. The acquisition positions WELL as the third largest EMR services vendor in Canada, and the largest OSCAR EMR provider in the country. Combined with the acquisitions of NerdEMR, OSCARprn, OSCARwest, Trinity Healthcare Technologies, MedBase Software Inc., and Indivica Inc., WELL now provides OSCAR EMR services to 1,900 clinics serving over 10,000 physicians across Canada. KAI’s impressive IP portfolio of patient engagement tools, that are integrated into OSCAR’s open source platform, complements WELL’s mission of improving health outcomes and empowering both doctors and patients with technology.


Learn more about OSCAR at oscar-emr.com

An EMR is like the “operating system” of a medical clinic. It can help streamline medical practice and helps clinics manage patient data and medical records more efficiently. OSCAR EMR (Open Source Clinical Application and Resource) is an open source electronic medical record (EMR) software solution created by McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine. With features like patient records, scheduling, and electronic forms (eForms), OSCAR EMR was designed and is supported by a passionate community of medical professionals, academic institutions, and developers who work to continuously enhance and improve the software.

About KAI Innovations

KAI Innovations was started by two medical professionals, Arjun Kumar and Sara Bond, who noticed a gap between available EMR vendor offerings and their end user requirements. As former front-line healthcare providers, KAI’s founders realized that the quality of EMR service was often as important as the quality of the product itself. As KAI grew, this commitment to exceptional customer service and tailored EMR solutions became the cornerstone that fostered the company’s rapid growth.

At the time of acquisition, KAI was the largest OSCAR Service Provider (OSP) in Canada, providing EMR services to over 560 clinics that support over 2100 medical professionals. KAI is the fastest growing OSP in Canada and was the recipient of Canada Business Magazine’s Startup of the Year in 2015. Despite its impressive scale, KAI still provides personal, live, one-on-one service to its clients including data migration, training and support, and even customized development to meet individual clinics’ needs.

With extensive experience in OSCAR EMR support and development, KAI is strongly aligned with WELL’s vision and values, making it an excellent and necessary addition to WELL’s expanding EMR business.