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Circle Medical (US)

Circle Medical (US) 

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On November 12, 2020, WELL Health expanded its reach into the US with a majority stake acquisition of Circle Medical Technologies. WELL paid an aggregate of approximately US$14.3M for an equity ownership of approximately 58% on a fully diluted basis.

Silicon Valley based Circle Medical is a National US telehealth provider that also operates two brick and mortar medical clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. Circle Medical has payer agreements with most of the major health insurance carriers in the United states. This allows the company’s service to be in-network and accessible by ~200M Americans who can use the patient-centric Circle Medical “app” anytime for either no cost or a small co-pay. Circle Medical’s deep technology and use of artificial intelligence has created a better patient experience consistently resulting in the industry leading NPS scores of 80-90% satisfaction and the company’s omnichannel experience has delivered exceptional customer satisfaction.

Learn more at circlemedical.com