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Billing & Backoffice

WELL Billing and Backoffice Services 

WELL’s Billing and Backoffice Services Group acts as a consolidation point for billing related acquisitions, assets and other similar growth initiatives. This new business unit is focused on the North American medical billing and back-office marketplace.

DoctorCare Logo

On November 1, 2020, WELL Health completed its acquisition of DoctorCare, the market leader for “billing as a service” for doctors in Canada, for approximately $11M, plus a multi-year performance earn-out of up to $7M.

DoctorCare uses proprietary software and systems to provide medical BAAS or “Billing as a Service” outsourcing services to over 2,000 physicians across Canada. DoctorCare’s leading edge billing and back-office tools are designed to support doctors who don’t have the benefit of a sophisticated back-office team. DoctorCare has been supporting the practice and management needs of physicians across Canada since 2012, helping them streamline their billing operations and allowing them to spend more time on patient care. DoctorCare is already integrated with WELL’s OSCAR Pro EMR and is featured on WELL’s apps.health marketplace

Learn more at doctorcare.ca