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WELL Health Announces Automated Phone, SMS and Web-based COVID-19 Triage Tool for Canadians

  • WELL launches “ACTT” or Automated COVID-19 Triage Tool that includes scalable automated phone, SMS and web capabilities that enable government and healthcare organizations on the front lines to effectively communicate and triage COVID-19 symptoms with Canadian citizens.
  • ACTT includes an automated phone triage tool that triages COVID-19 symptoms, social and travel history over a 3 to 5 minute phone call with an AI powered automated attendant.  The system utilizes the latest clinical pathways and know-how for COVID-19 symptoms.  
  • ACTT includes a web triage tool that leverages a highly configurable and responsive intelligent questionnaire designed to quickly help anxious patients understand what they should do next.

Vancouver, B.C. – March 27, 2020 – WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX: WELL) (“WELL” or the “Company”) announces it has launched its Automated COVID-19 Triage Tool, also known as “ACTT”.  ACTT is a scalable and multi-factor COVID-19 triage tool that includes an automated phone, SMS and web capabilities that enable government and healthcare organizations on the front lines to effectively communicate and triage symptoms with Canadian citizens.

Hamed Shahbazi, Chairman and CEO of WELL, commented, “The COVID-19 pandemic has left public health institutions struggling to meet the dramatic demands of triaging and testing patients at scale.  Our phone, web and SMS tools can help, and we stand ready to quickly and effectively put these tools to work.”

WELL's stand-alone phone triage tool uses the latest AI-powered NLP (natural language processing) technologies to automatically and intelligently triage COVID-19 symptoms, social and travel history over a simple phone call.  The system utilizes the latest clinical pathways and know-how for COVID-19 symptoms.  WELL's web triage tool leverages a highly configurable, responsive and intelligent questionnaire designed to quickly help anxious patients understand what they should do next.  

ACTT includes a dashboard that provides real-time insights including a summary of each caller’s demographics, along with their triage responses and pathway outputs. Patients that require further assessment or testing are flagged for follow-up - allowing staff to focus on patients that need the most support.

"To our knowledge, WELL's COVID-19 triage program is the only PHI (Protected Health Information) compliant solution on the Canadian marketing today that can provide automated triage capabilities across phone, SMS and web channels," said Amir Javidan, Chief Operating Officer of WELL. “Despite the availability of some online tools, phone lines remain a vital access point for patients and are virtually jammed across the country with multi-hour waits.”

For more information on ACTT, please visit the following website:  www.well-actt.ca


Per:  “Hamed Shahbazi”          

Hamed Shahbazi

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Director

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