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Vision, Values, & Focus

Our mission is to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower and support patients and doctors globally.

Vision Values and Focus

Our Values

Our core values are our guiding principles and the foundation for our business. They provide us with a consistent framework to help us stay true to our vision and goals.

Our focus is on the development and delivery of enhanced healthcare experiences, and to then share our successes and services  globally.

At WELL, we see an opportunity to modernize and improve primary healthcare by implementing cutting edge digital technology to alleviate the challenges faced by patients and healthcare workers. Currently, the Canadian primary healthcare industry is under-imagined and under-digitized. We intend to change that by investing in our people, our technology, and our facilities. Our vision of healthcare is patient centric and physician focused. We want to be the best place for physicians to work, and the most convenient place for patients to receive care.

We envision a system where treatment is not just reactive, but proactive. A system where patients have greater access to services, and where physicians are free to focus on doing what they do best: caring for their patients. With the largest single chain of primary healthcare clinics in British Columbia, we aim to become an example for enhanced primary healthcare, and to share our successes with services beyond our network.