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Omni-Channel - Patient Services

WELL is a provider of primary, allied, secondary, diagnostic and specialized care services in Canada and US. WELL’s clinic network currently comprises of 74 clinics – 20 clinics in British Columbia, 5 clinics in Quebec, and 49 clinics in Ontario – making us the largest clinic operator in Canada. WELL’s Canadian operations also include offering several allied care services. In US, WELL has majority stake ownership in both Circle Medical, which is a National US telehealth provider that also operates 2 medical clinics and CRH Medical, which currently serves 72 ambulatory surgical centers in 15 US states.   
Through the suite of digital health tools and WELL’s EMR services, we deliver end-to-end patient care and empower practitioners with latest trends in digital health. Together, both sides of the business, the omni-channel patient services and virtual, allow us to create effective change and make a positive impact on healthcare in Canada.  

WELL is a provider of primary, allied, secondary, diagnostic and specialized care services in Canada and US. With a total of 74 clinics, WELL is the largest clinic owner and operator in Canada. 

Primary Care
CRH Medical Corp (US)
Allied Care

WELL Health Allied Care is a wholly owned subsidiary primarily focused on operating, investing in and/or unlocking opportunities associated with allied health offerings such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, chiropractic, dietary, mental health counselling and sleep related services. WELL’s vision is to empower allied health professionals with digital resources such as WELL’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and telehealth capabilities in order to advance their practices and allow them to better support patients. WELL Health Allied Care is committed to activating a greater degree of multidisciplinary and team based longitudinal care in WELL’s own portfolio of owned and operated medical Clinics such that WELL patients can receive a greater degree of integrated patient centric care. WELL Health Allied Care embraces health practitioners working in a collaborative environment to support primary care physicians in a multi-disciplinary, team-based care support model.

Specialty Care