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Positively Impacting Health Outcomes

WELL aims to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower and support patients and doctors

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The Vision

There is no question that healthcare providers including but not limited to those in primary, secondary, and paramedical care environments, represent the frontline of healthcare delivery. At WELL we recognize these practitioners are also on the frontline of digitizing and modernizing healthcare experiences.

WELL, and its practitioner enablement platform’s purpose, is to empower these healthcare providers with digital healthcare products, tools and services designed to enhance their delivery of care and improve their patients’ healthcare experiences, not to mention their health outcomes.

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The Business

WELL’s practitioner enablement platform provides digital healthcare solutions to clinics and healthcare providers worldwide including the over 2000 practitioners we support within our own outpatient medical clinic network, as well as the greater than 17,000 healthcare providers in the over 2,800 non-WELL owned or operated healthcare clinics globally that our platform serves.

WELL is Canada’s largest outpatient medical clinic owner-operator and leading multi-disciplinary telehealth service provider. It is also an owner and operator of clinics in the United States. Between WELL’s own clinics and the global clinic footprint our practitioner enablement platform serves, WELL is helping healthcare providers support tens of millions of registered patients in 4 different countries.

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Digital Portfolio

Omni-Channel Clinic Porfolio


Healthcare Providers
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Healthcare providers


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Registered Patients
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Annual Patient Visits
Venture 50 2020

WELL Health Technologies Corp. was recognized as a Venture 50 company in 2020. The Venture 50 logo is a trademark of TSX Inc. and is used under license.

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The Strategy

Supported by a highly experienced management team and board, WELL and its wholly owned subsidiaries are pursuing multi-pronged and proven M&A strategies that target assets that provide highly strategic and economic accretive value to our shareholders, our omni-channel patient services businesses, and our practitioner enablement platform.

The Company is focused on the delivery of health technology solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the over 2000 healthcare providers that care for patients in WELL's owned and operated outpatient medical clinic network and our telehealth platforms, as well as the over 17,000 our practitioner enablement platform supports.

WELL believes that focusing on delivering value and staying practitioner-centric, while continuously re-evaluating the needs of the healthcare providers we are committed to empowering, will lead to long-term and sustainable growth.

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Objectives & Strategy